October 07, 2004

On the road again

More from MGA at the Concrete Frog:

Why do I blog about my driving? Do I need to justify it? Driving and cars are still things I find a passion for. Sometimes the passion is in the destination (vacations) sometimes the passion is in the process (getting there and seeing sights along the way) but for me it’s mostly the passion of the process, the dynamic of control, the combination of the machinery and the person and the pure pleasure of the combination of it all. Heck, unless I’m on a deadline, I can even (mostly) enjoy being stuck in traffic giving myself up to the lack of control I have over the particulars (some professional driver once again tried to coax a slightly too-tall container under a slightly too-short abutment and re-discovers the laws of physics apply even to him). I’ve been fortunate to drive a wide variety of vehicles over the years although perhaps none as exotic as I’d like and while I have found my share of obstacles throughout the years, give me a full tank of gas and I’m gone.
Posted by jackhodgson at October 7, 2004 04:04 PM