October 11, 2004

my Flickr photo gallery

I've always been suspicious about online photo galleries. They've always seemed to be about maneuvering you into buying prints, the ownership of the pics has been murky, and they were difficult to use.

Flickr.com is a very promising new entry in this field.

I like that it's not about selling prints, and they say clearly up front that they claim no ownership of the pics. They have a decent capacity free account level, and make money (at least as far as I can see) by encouraging people to upgrade to larger capacity accounts, possibly with more features. But the free account looks plenty good to me.

One aspect of flickr that is very different, is that it's not only an online gallery, it's also a social site in sheep's clothing. Not only can you view my pics, you can search for other people's pics with similar themes, pics taken on the same day, or just a random pic. You can add comments to pics, link to them easily, and even post them on your website.

And the online tools they provide are astoundingly easy to use, and powerful.

I've created a flickr.com account where I'll be posting pics. If you have a digital camera, I suggest you create your own account. Send me your flickr URL and I'll post it here so others can find you.

Posted by jackhodgson at October 11, 2004 10:28 AM