October 20, 2004


So what happens tonight? Game 7.

I don't know. But it's likely to be thrilling.

It's pretty much 50-50. The Redsox have momentum from winning 3 in a row, and the Yankees have home-field, so I think those two mostly balance out.

Statistically, in the long-run, the two teams are very equal. The Redsox' pitching staff may be somewhat less tattered, but that's well within the margin of "anything can happen". So I don't know.

The biggest intangible is this:

There'd be no shame in the Redsox losing. They've already come back further than any team in baseball history. If we lose, we will be disappointed, but we wouldn't need to hang out head.

But the Yankees, they have to win. If they lose there will be mass insanity in NY. It will be history-making in a way that makes the 0-3 comeback look like no big deal. Heads would roll.

So the Yankees have to win. The question is, will this energize them? or make them choke?

It's likely to be thrilling.

Posted by jackhodgson at October 20, 2004 11:56 AM