November 05, 2004

Survivor Vanuata - Ep #6 "Pig Chasing and Tiki Puzzles"

s9logoCatching up on my Survivor summaries. Here's the one from two weeks ago. I'm posting it mostly for completeness.

Written after Ep #6, October 21, 2004. This post, and its comments, may contain spoilers....

Previous Survivor: Vanuatu reports:
1: An Age Imbalance.
2: C'mon, give me a little hug!
3: Just be one of the girls.
4: A visit from Dah.
5: Mix and Match

Just back from Tribal Council, Rory is trying to finesse his position in the tribe... Twila is bonding with Julie... Julie tells JohnK that he should put on some lotion. Did she offer to put it on for him?

Rory gives this speech about how he can't go back to Lopevi, so he's all-in to this new tribe. Later he describes it as a really cheesy speech. It was.

Pig Chasing Reward Challenge. The "gatekeepers" are Julie for Lopevi, and Scout for Yasur. Ami was shushing one of the pigs! Eliza struggling when it's her turn. She can't catch a pig, and ultimately fails. Sarge is doing a pig call. Hah! Lopevi wins by a lot. 10-5. Eliza screwed them.

In conversation, Chris is talking about how Eliza just quit. He refers back to his failure on the balance beam and how he kept trying. But is it wise to remind people of your failures?

Leann said, "did she [eliza] even get dirty?"

"If we lose tomorrow [at Immunity] I'm going home, and you guys are sunk." -- Rory.

Eliza: I suck. I'm not used to being bad at things.

Eliza is mad that Scout got to be the gatekeeper.

Ami: "I'm not about to go down just because there's a bunch of muscles on the other team!" !!!

Ami glaring at Rory... Julie aggressively flirting with the guys. Nude sunbathing.

Sarge bonding with Twila... Sarge-Chris-Chad-Twila "The four to the end." Sarge gave Twila his word.

Underwater Obstacle Course/Tiki Puzzle Immunity Challenge. Puzzle builders: Scout & Lisa, Chad & Twila... Rory making good showing against Sarge... Leann struggling, fails, she couldn't do it.

Lopevi wins immunity.

Scout and Eliza comfort Leann... Ami pissed at Lisa.

"Amazingly enough, my name isn't gonna come up in TC today." says Rory.

Ami and Rory bump fists in agreement. But is she playing him? Before, she seemed not to like him. Now she has a big grin. Is it forced?

Rory is TOO happy! "I have broken this alliance of women," he says.

At TC:

Scout, "I would lean toward loyalty" And Rory starts looking uneasy.

We see the voting: Lisa votes for Rory! Ami for Lisa. Scout for Rory.

Final Count: Lisa 4, Rory 2.

As Lisa walks away she says, "True to my word."

In her final confessional, Lisa said, "[Ami] definitely had some power of the other women."

Lisa is the oldest person (44) yet to be voted out, and the first person older 33 years old.

# Latest tribe list

# Yasur
Scout, 59
Leann, 35
Rory, 35 (was Lopevi)
Ami, 31
Eliza, 21

# Lopevi
Twila, 41 (was Yasur)
Lea ("Sarge"), 40
Chad, 35
Chris, 33
Julie, 23 (was Yasur)
John K., 22

# Challenges
1 -- Obstacle Course Immunity & Reward -- Yasur Tribe
2 -- Balance Beam Hug Reward -- Yasur Tribe
2 -- Blindfolded Puzzle Hunt Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
3 -- Walls Obstacle Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
3 -- Ladder Puzzle Immunity -- John K,
passed on to Ami
4 -- Concentration Puzzle Reward -- Yasur Tribe
4 -- Tribal Symbols Puzzle Immunity -- Yasur Tribe
5 -- Deep Diving Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
5 -- Build a Boat Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe
6 -- Pig Chasing Reward -- Lopevi Tribe
6 -- Underwater Obstacles/Tiki Puzzle Immunity -- Lopevi Tribe

# Order Out:
1 -- Brook, 27 (Lopevi)
2 -- Dolly, 25 (Yasur)
3 -- John P., 31 (Lopevi)
4 -- Mia, 30 (Yasur)
5 -- Brady, 33 (Lopevi)
6 -- Travis ("Bubba"), 33 (Yasur, was Lopevi)
7 -- Lisa, 44 (Yasur)

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