November 15, 2004


This weekend is the fourth anniversary of my return to New England, after 12 years in California. That time was also about when I created this blog.

This blog's name, Gone East, was a reference to the fact that a big part of my life back then, was the culture "shock" of returning to this part of the country. Just about everything in my life back then was colored by the fact that I was so newly returned from the west.

But, as time passed, the California experience became a less compelling part of my perspective. I still value my years out there, and I've maintained some important friendships, but my days are no longer filled with comparisons about here vs. there.

So I'm going to use this anniversary as a turning point, to make some changes in this blog. The changes will be mostly cosmetic, but they will allow me to get this website back in sync with the themes and activities of my life.

More later.

Posted by jackhodgson at November 15, 2004 04:58 PM