November 26, 2004

Moving Rocks.

Working off some of yesterday's carbs via extreme physical exertion. Scott and I spent a couple hours taking apart a rock wall and putting it back together again.

This wall was originally built by our father, like, 30 years ago. It's held up pretty good, but in a couple of place it's slumped a bit. So today Scott and I -- well mostly Scott -- took apart two of the four trouble-spots and re-stacked them.

They look pretty good.

I started out on the wall work, then got distracted with a different kind of project, single-handedly lining up some monstrous boulders, well pretty big rocks anyway, along a section of our shoreline to inhibit the erosion that is slowly taking out the shore.

Satisfying work, but now my arms are sore.

Posted by jackhodgson at November 26, 2004 07:13 PM