December 15, 2004

My Winter Coat

Way back in the winter of 1987-88 I bought a new winter coat.

In the fall of 1988 I moved to California. I took that coat with me, but used it only one weekend a year, when a bunch of friends would share a condo on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

When I returned to New England in the fall of 2000 the coat came with me, and I enjoyed the fact that I spent that first winter wearing the same coat that I had when I left.

During my first full year back east things changed, for example, I discovered Chocolate Frappes (ice cream shakes!) at the Icehouse in Portsmouth NH. Other things too. The upshot of all this was that my waistline grew, kinda dramatically. So by my second winter back here, my dear old winter coat didn't really fit.

I put it into the closet, and spent the next three winters wearing unsatisfying alternative outer-wear. I had almost forgotten about the old-timer.

Last night I was going through my closet and found that coat. As some readers will know, my waistline has been heading in a good direction lately -- down 3-4 inches since August!! -- and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my old winter coat fits again.


It's not the most attractive coat, but it's comfy, and warm, and I like it. And now I can wear it again.

Posted by jackhodgson at December 15, 2004 10:27 AM