December 27, 2004

Reacquainted with an old friend

About seven years ago I went through a bout of stomach problems. After consulting with my doctor, I basically came to understand it like this: My stomach is not what it used to be. And from time to time -- more often if I don't eat right -- it will act up.

What a drag!

But then the doctor introduced me to my new friend. Tagamet.

Tagamet, aka Cimetedine, is basically a super antacid. Within minutes of taking it, it calms the chemical warfare going on inside. You can actually feel it doing it's thing. It's a miracle!

Seven years ago, Tagamet was a huge help in getting me through the learning experience of what my stomach would deal with. Eventually things stabilized, and I haven't needed it in years.

For the past couple weeks my stomach has been sending out warning rumbles. At first I wasn't sure what it was, but over the holidays it became pretty obvious. Although I've been eating pretty good since getting on the SoBeDi, (aka the SBD), I suspect that lately I may have been neglecting my fiber.

When I first met Tagamet it was prescription only. But around that time it became over-the-counter, and the other day I picked some up.

And it's still a miracle drug.

Posted by jackhodgson at December 27, 2004 12:09 PM