January 04, 2005

No mug shot though...

I was fingerprinted this morning.

My friends Jan and Cindy have been urging me, for a long time now, to sign up to be a substitute teacher here in town. Now I've finally followed through on the idea.

Lat week I met with the Asst Principal, and had a nice talk about how it works, and what's involved. Then this morning I went to the regional school office to fill out the forms.

Because it involves working with kids, they need to do a more intense background check than like for a job at WalMart. So among the other forms I signed, they got out the ink pad, and a sheet of paper with 10 boxes on it.

When I lived in California, they take your thumbprint when you get a driver's license, so technically this is not a first. But in Calif. they don't do the whole ink and paper bit. There they have an electronic scanner which you put your thumb on.

Here, she took my hand, and one finger at a time she inked it up, and rolled it in one of the boxes.

Me and Al Capone.

Posted by jackhodgson at January 4, 2005 06:45 PM