February 07, 2005

A little close for comfort

Yay Pats!

If you care, even in the least little bit, then you know that the New England Patriots won the Superbowl last night.

I'm not a huge football fan, but I root for the Pats, and I'm happy for their success. My dad is a really big Pats fan, and I know that he's excited about the Pats now moving on to "Dynasty" status.

Their third win in four years is an amazing accomplishment.

Having said that, the game was a lot closer than I think anyone expected. Gambling Pats fans are having a little cognitive dissonance this morning, as their team won the game, but they all lost on the point spread.

One thing that I think is pretty notable, is that for the third time, the margin of victory was an Adam Vinatieri field goal.

But now that that is over, we all have to start focussing on the important things, like helping the Redsox repeat as World Champs.

Posted by jackhodgson at February 7, 2005 08:53 AM