February 18, 2005

Survivor Pulau Ep#1 My Notes

s10logoSurvivor Pulau

"39 days, 20 people, 1 survivor"

Continuation and comments contain spoilers.

"millions of jellyfish" = foreshadowing?

lots of wwii wrecks

james: "I thought we were gonna get breakfast"

wanda singing showtunes, very odd.

wanda: "about it's being one big party"

stephenie and jonathan jumped out of boat to swim for it, and were immediatly left behind.

jolanda & ian won race to baeach, and thus the first (individual!!) immunity

why was yolanda wearing heels?

yet another "well", i still think that they secretly purify the water supply

janu, rock climber, vegas showgirl.

yolanda ate a grasshopper

coby campaigning to oust jonathon

ian picked katy picked tom picked janu picked greg picked jenn picked coby picked karen picked willard ... jonathon out ... named koror (brown)

jolanda picked bobbyjon picked stephanie picked jeff picked kim picked james picked ashly picked ibraham picked angie ... wanda out ... named ulong (blue)

two tribes living together on the same beach. great idea!

tall, sharp nose, short hair (james?) comforting two women

heavy beard guy (coby) openly crying

## obstacle course reward/immunity

koror did excellent, worked together, made good group decisions

ulong made dumb move to try and collect too much stuff in challenge.

koror also gets a "let's-make-a-deal" type choice of whether to give up known campsite and go to an unknown. they decide to take door #2, an unknown new beach.

(even though they are separating the tribes, i think that having them together for a few days will make for an interesting dynamic.)

but koror capsizes their canoe and loses the firemaking tools!!! (i don't put it past burnett to rig the boat so that the challenge winners lose their loot.)

ulong had a machette. I thought they only got canteens?

wheeling and dealing: targeting angie

jolanda bossing people around... also she forced the strategy to try to take too much in challenge.

## Tribal Council

James says some good things.

Jolanda voted out. Too pushy. Forced a bad decision in the challenge.

The Survivors:

## Koror (brown):

Ian, 23
Katie, 29 [Ian]
Tom, 41 [Katie]
Janu, 39 [Tom]
Gregg, 28 [Janu]
Jenn, 32 [Gregg]
Coby, 32 [Jenn]
Caryn, 46 [Coby]
Willard, 57 [Caryn]

## Ulong (blue]:

Bobbyjon, 27 [Jolanda]
Stephenie, 25 [Bobbyjon]
Jeff, 21 [Stephanie]
Kim, 25 [Jeff]
James, 33 [Kim]
Ashlee, 22 [James]
Ibrehem, 27 [Ashlee]
Angie, 24 [Ibraham]

## Order out:

1. Jonathon, 23
2. Wanda, 55
3. Jolanda, 39 (was Ulong)

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