March 02, 2005

That's why I like it too

Karl has a nice analysis of how and why the cowpath street layout of Boston is better than grids like Chicago. I agree.

Our streets change names for no reason. Washington Street used to be Orange Street (before the first U.S. President existed). And once it was changed to Washington, any street intersecting it had to change names when it crosses over. So Summer Street turns into Winter Street after passing through. Another example: without taking any corners, Temple Street becomes Staniford Street, which becomes Causeway Street, which becomes Commercial Street which eventually becomes Atlantic Avenue. Even more confusing, Tremont Street, which through most of the city is relatively parallel to Boylston Street, actually intersects with it at one point. This takes place right around the time where to continue on Tremont, you have to turn right at an intersection, then turn left at the next set of lights.

[Thanks Universal Hub (the website formerly known as Boston Common)]

Posted by jackhodgson at March 2, 2005 09:34 AM