March 24, 2005

Just for the taste of it


Humans must continue to explore space, implored famed physicist Freeman Dyson, if simply for entertainment.

Speaking at Flight School, an offshoot of the PC Forum conference taking place here this week, the Princeton University Institute for Advanced Study professor emeritus sketched out a possible future, in which humans colonize asteroids and genetically engineer potatoes that can grow on Mars. (PC Forum is run by publisher CNET Networks.)

Part of the motive to go into space will be dictated by the need for more room on Earth and an unpolluted environment. But there will be more mundane motives, too, Dyson said.

"You'll have people who go who dislike the tax collector or dislike their mother-in-law. The primary reason is that it hasn't been done," he said.


Posted by jackhodgson at March 24, 2005 10:58 AM