April 01, 2005

It's not rocket science

Dr. James O. Hill, author of the "Step Diet Book", and founder of America on the Move, says losing weight, and staying fit, is not a complicated challenge.

He says, "Want to lose weight? Move more, eat less and do it in 'steps.'"

Seacoast Online:

Hill believes that "obesity is the result of a mismatch in biology and environment."

"The body prefers a high level of energy flux; that is, high energy in - food, and high energy out - exercise," he said. "Unless we increase the energy we expend we have no chance of stemming the obesity epidemic."

Not an easy task in a more-for-less society in which most people drive to work, sit for a majority of the day in front of a glowing screen, then drive home to set up camp on the couch until bedtime.

"Food restriction is not a good method," Hill said "You can't food restrict well in the current environment.

"Behavior change is easy," he continued. "Our challenge is changing the environment."

He advocates small environmental changes to support behavior changes and says 90 percent of the population could lose weight simply by walking 2000 steps more per day. Hill encourages his clients to approach weight loss in small steps as well, noting that simply switching to diet soft drinks eliminates 100-150 calories a day.

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