April 06, 2005

Phase One Redux, completed

This morning I completed my two-week return to the SoBeDi phase one. I didn't quite reach my goal. I had hoped to drop 6 lbs during the period, which was actually 16 days. I only dropped 4 lbs.

On one hand -- being a goal-oriented, overly-competitive male -- I'm a little disappointed that I missed the mark. Especially since I was momentarily down 5 lbs, a week ago, before the Easter holiday.

On the other hand. losing 4 lbs in two weeks is nothing to sneeze at. I only lost 3 lbs total in the prior 8 weeks combined. So this is definitely a resumption of progress.

theinsultAnyway, [boasting] for the record: Since last August 11, I've dropped 35 lbs. The babes are going wild.

My next step is to get to my "summer weight" goal by Memorial Day. That's 9 more lbs off in the next seven weeks. Doable.

Posted by jackhodgson at April 6, 2005 10:57 AM