April 11, 2005

Chris DiMarco is da man!

Years ago I was a huge competitive golf fan. Lately, not so much.

I actually think that Tiger Woods is bad for the game, that he's contorted the game to be something that it wasn't before, and it's not an improvement.

So I was rooting for DiMarco to defeat Tiger in yesterday's final round. I watched the final 9, well actually 10, holes.

Although it must be a disappointment to come that close to winning the Masters and not, DiMarco has nothing to be ashamed of.

This was not a choke, or a failure. He went head to head with Tiger, never quitting, even when Tiger made a couple of miraculous shots. DiMarco played great, solid golf, and if Tiger hadn't made a stupendously lucky shot on 16, or if DiMarco's chip on 18 hadn't bounced off the flagstick, well, he would have won the whole thing.

Congrats to DiMarco. He is good for the game.

Posted by jackhodgson at April 11, 2005 08:42 AM