May 03, 2005

Flat Joseph

My friend Jo Ann asked me to help a young friend of hers by hosting his "Flat Joseph" here in NH for awhile. Flat Joseph is part of a kids' school project called "Flat Stanley".

Here are my pics of Flat Joseph from his visit.

Kickin' Back Paddlin' Seein' the sights With the Concrete Frog

(BTW, there are (as of right now) 197 "flatstanley" pics on Flickr.)

The "report" I sent along with Flat Joseph:

Hi, my name is Jack.

Flat Joseph arrived to visit me here in New Hampshire
after his stay in Connecticut. When he first arrived
here in the late winter he was wearing some cold
weather clothes that his Connecticut hosts made for

A warm coat, mittens, hat and boots. It was smart of
Joseph to bundle up because it can be pretty cold here
in New England, especially compared to how nice the
weather usually is in his home state of California.

We had some great times during Joseph's visit. I live
on a lake here in NH, and there are many great hiking
trails nearby, so we spent a lot of time exploring the
late winter. Waiting for the snow to melt, watching
the animals return, and the trees and plant blossom.
When it got warm enough we even got a chance to go
kayaking on the lake. Joseph seemed to like that, but
he had to be especially careful about getting wet,
cause he's only made of paper, and that would be a
real mess.

Joseph also met the Concrete Frog while he was here.

The Frog has watched over the edge of our lake for
almost 30 years. He first came to the lake after a
great adventure in lands to the south, where he was
rescued from a frightening garden, and spent many
years hiding in a dark tower. But he finally reached
our lake shore where he has led a simple life here on
the lake as the seasons came and went.

While he was here Joseph and I saw a picture of his
cousin, Flat Stanley, who was visiting with some guy
named Clint Eastwood. Joseph said it was too bad that
Stanley couldn't be visiting with someone really cool,
and having all this fun in the NH woods, like he was.

Joseph is leaving now to continue his travels in the
land of Florida.

Hi, this is Jack again...

Joseph must have really enjoyed his stay here in New
Hampshire because he seems to have been waylaid on his
journey to Florida, and has returned to NH.

The weather here now is much nicer than when he was
here earlier. The spring is turning into summer. It's
almost swimming weather.

But Joseph can't stay. He must leave again and attempt
to reach Florida on his way back to his home in

Good luck Joseph.

Posted by jackhodgson at May 3, 2005 03:45 PM