May 28, 2005


Boston sports talk radio has a new subject to roar about. And they will.

Redsox third-base coach Dale Sveum ("swaim") made two consecutive blunders last night, to short circuit what was turning out to be a remarkable inning against the Yankees.

AP Sports via Yahoo!:

Third-base coach Dale Sveum never hesitated, waving Mark Bellhorn toward the plate. But Tony Womack, shifted from second base to left field early this month, made a strong, one-hop throw to catcher Jorge Posada, who let Bellhorn slide right into his glove for the tag.

``When you've got a second baseman going out to left field, he hasn't made a lot of throws,'' Sveum said. ``You've got the lead, you've got one of the greatest pitchers in the world who makes his living getting out of jams -- sometimes you try to push the envelope.''

It didn't work, twice.

Redsox play the Yankees again this afternoon, on national TV.

Posted by jackhodgson at May 28, 2005 08:41 AM