June 13, 2005

Struggling but steady.

The Redsox finished up their historic return visit to Wrigley field by salvaging their only win in the three game series.

I don't mind that we only won one. I will be accused of being disloyal, or a woosie, but I was hoping we'd win one, and only one, game in this series.

The Redsox and the Cubs are kindred spirits. We've both suffered through multi-generation long World Series slumps. We both call home to historic, charismatic, personal ball parks -- the first and second oldest in baseball. We've both had imminent victory snatched from us by the oddest of baseball quirks.

But we finally won our World Series... and the Cubs are still working on theirs. It just seemed wrong to think that the new World Champion Redsox would come to Wrigley, play the Cubs, for the first time since we beat them in the 1918 Series, and beat them again in front of their home fans.

Out of respect for their suffering, which we know all too well, I felt it would be OK with me if we only won one.

Now on the other hand. To lose the first one the way we did was pretty embarrassing. Jerry Remy, of the Boston telecast, described it as one of the ugliest games he's ever seen. And in the second game, though the final score was at least close, giving up the lead is always discouraging.

The win in Game Three is doubly significant. Not only did it salvage some pride for us, but it will prompt some superstition about pitcher Wakefield and catcher Mirabelli.

For a long time, "backup" catcher Mirabelli has been the regular backstop for knuckleballer Wakefield. Earlier this season Wakefield was having a great start, winning left and right. Then Mirabelli went on the disabled list, and Wake started losing. He lost every game that Mirabelli was absent.

When asked, the team said there was no connection between Wakefield's slump and Mirabelli's absence. And I don't think there was. But it's a great coincidence that on the night Mirabelli returns, so does the old Wakefield. He pitches a great, seven inning, four hit, one run gem.

Let's hope Mirabelli stays healthy from now on.

Posted by jackhodgson at June 13, 2005 10:46 AM