July 02, 2005

Sox baby boom

It turns out that in the days after the Redsox won the World Series last fall, people did a lot of, umm, celebrating. Nine months later, we have new members of Redsox Nation.

Boston Globe:

There are already signs of a ''Red Sox phenomenon," according to Isis Maternity, the largest provider of childbirth education and parent services in New England. The due dates start roughly in mid-July, nine months after the Evil Empire was destroyed in four straight games, and continue through August.

''Last week we sold more memberships than we had any other week," said Jo Myers McChesney, cofounder of Isis Maternity. ''There could definitely be a little bit of a Red Sox phenomenon going on. People being fired up after the playoffs and the World Series. We have strong class enrollment for couples delivering in late July and August, and they may very well end up being higher than other months."

Red Sox newborn baby clothes are flying off the shelves faster than Dave Roberts dashing for second base.

I did something else.

Posted by jackhodgson at July 2, 2005 07:12 PM