August 12, 2005

Did you know why it's chocolate, vanilla and strawberry?

One of my nieces has embarked on a career in the ice cream scooping business. Here's the kind of info that could really boost her tips.

History of the stuff in a banana split:

We still call them marshmallows, but there's no marsh mallow in them anymore. Candy made with honey and thickened with sap from the root of the marsh mallow (Athea officinalis) plant was savored in ancient Egypt. Marsh mallow, the plant, grows to be two to four feet tall. It has gray-green leaves and pink flowers. Not surprisingly, it grows in marshes and is related to other "mallow" plants, such as the rose mallow, the apricot mallow, and the common mallow.

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Posted by jackhodgson at August 12, 2005 12:55 PM