October 07, 2005

Survivor: Guatemala Episode #4

s11logoCaught up on watching after missing a week.

Warning: Spoilers in the continued...

As usual, for me anyway, it's taken this long for the players to start to "come into focus" for me. Judd is standing out, but may have made some enemies this week.

I believe that the tribe shuffle was to get the sportscaster and QB on the same tribe.

The Tribes
name, age (times to TC), notes
Nakum (4 women, 3 men)
Margaret, 43 (ii)
Lydia, 42 (iii), was Yaxha
Judd, 34 (ii)
Cindy, 31 (ii)
Stephanie, 25 (iii), was Yaxha
Jamie, 24 (iii), was Yaxha
Rafe, 22 (iii), was Yaxha

Yaxha (2 women, 5 men)
Gary, 46 (ii) not a former QB
Amy, 39 (ii) Revere cop
Danni, 30 (i), was Nakum, Sports talker
Bobbyjon, 27 (i), was Nakum
Blake, 24 (i), was Nakum
Brandon, 22 (i), was Nakum
Brian, 22 (ii)

Voted Out
1. Jim, 63, (i) Nakum
2. Morgan, 21, (i) Yaxha
3. Briana, 21, (ii) Yaxha
4. Brooke, 26, (ii) Nakum

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