October 13, 2005

Survivor: Guatemala Episode #5

s11logoSwimming pools, and "no more kidding around".

Warning: Spoilers in the continued...

Did you notice that when Judd said "rat's ass" the audio of "ass" was heard, but the subtitle said "a--".

Jamie must be a target for not being able to cute the rope.

The swimming pool is kinda cool. I wonder how long they are gonna be allowed to keep it?

Poor Stephanie! But they finally won one.

Yaxha goes to TC.

The Tribes
name, age (times to TC), notes
Nakum (4 women, 3 men)
Margaret, 43 (ii)
Lydia, 42 (iii), was Yaxha
Judd, 34 (ii)
Cindy, 31 (ii)
Stephanie, 25 (iii), was Yaxha
Jamie, 24 (iii), was Yaxha
Rafe, 22 (iii), was Yaxha

Yaxha (2 women, 4 men)
Gary, 46 (iii) not a former QB
Amy, 39 (iii) Revere cop
Danni, 30 (ii), was Nakum, Sports talker
Bobbyjon, 27 (ii), was Nakum
Brandon, 22 (ii), was Nakum
Brian, 22 (iii)

Voted Out
1. Jim, 63, (i) Nakum
2. Morgan, 21, (i) Yaxha
3. Briana, 21, (ii) Yaxha
4. Brooke, 26, (ii) Nakum
5. Blake, 24 (ii), Yaxha, was Nakum

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