October 28, 2005

Survivor: Guatemala Episode #7

s11logoIcky bruises and a big puzzle.

Warning: Spoilers in the continued...

Judd is a big jerk, and not very smart. He'll be one of the first to go after the merge.

Cindy is a babe.

I want to set up one of those zipline things to go from the top of Mt Pawtuckaway down to the State Park. Cool!

What's with Yaxha going to visit Nakum's camp? I seem to remember reading somewhere that one of the behind the scenes Survivor rules is that you can't leave your camp area to visit the other camp.

Amy voted out. Not really a surprise, though the editors tried to fake us out. At the end of TC Jeff says to go back to Nakum's camp cause they are now merged.

The Tribe
name, age (times to TC), (times indi-immune) notes
New Tribe (4 women, 6 men)
Gary, 46 (5) (1) not a former QB, was Yaxha
Lydia, 42 (4), was Yaxha, then Nakum
Judd, 34 (3), was Nakum
Cindy, 31 (3), was Nakum
Danni, 30 (4), was Nakum, Sports talker, was Yaxha
Bobbyjon, 27 (4), was Nakum, then Yaxha
Stephanie, 25 (4), was Yaxha, then Nakum
Jamie, 24 (4), was Yaxha, then Nakum
Rafe, 22 (4), (1) was Yaxha, then Nakum
Brandon, 22 (4), was Nakum, then Yaxha

Voted Out
1. Jim, 63, (1) Nakum
2. Morgan, 21, (1) Yaxha
3. Briana, 21, (2) Yaxha
4. Brooke, 26, (2) Nakum
5. Blake, 24 (2), Yaxha, was Nakum
6. Margaret, 43 (3) was Nakum
7. Brian, 22 (4), was Yaxha
8. Amy, 39 (5) Revere cop, was Yaxha

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