November 30, 2005

Casual Games

The Hollywood Reporter:

Casual games. Coffee-break games. Web games. Call them what you will, they're big business and getting bigger. Which is why distributors of the tiny video games -- like Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo -- are poised to expand their services even further, proving they're not just playing around.


...according to a study conducted for AOL, female gamers over 40 spend the most hours per week playing online games -- 9.1 hours or 41% of their online time vs. 6.1 hours or 26% for men. Women seem to enjoy the word and puzzle games that are common on casual game sites (compared to the sports and shooting games that men prefer). And they play to relieve stress and to chat with other online gamers, "much the same way that people sit around a card table and play and talk, when they are there primarily just to talk," says Matthew Bromberg, general manager of games at AOL.

Posted by jackhodgson at November 30, 2005 07:46 PM