December 11, 2005

Survivor Final Four

s11logoThe finale starts in 10 minutes. Just for the record, here's how I think the Final Two pairings will come out.

Any pair with Lydia or Danni, the other person will win. If it's Danni vs Lydia, Danni wins.

The interesting pairing would be Stephanie vs Rafe, where Stephanie would win.

But how will we get to the Final Two? In the Final Four immunity challenge, which will be about trivia about those already voted out, Steph or Rafe will win. The other of these two will be voted out.

In the endurance challenge of the Final Three, Lydia will be out first, I am tempted to say that the winner will take Lydia to the Final Two because Lydia will lose, but Steph, Rafe and Danni are all gonna want to appear fair, so they will send Lydia home at the final three and it will be Rafe and either Steph or Danni in the final two.

So to recap:

Rafe vs Danni, Rafe wins.
Rafe vs Steph, Steph wins.
Danni vs Steph, Steph wins.

That's what I think.

Posted by jackhodgson at December 11, 2005 07:56 PM