December 29, 2005

NH First District winnable by Democrats

From the Daily Kos' analysis of vulnerable Republican Congressional seats in the '06 election:

New Hampshire 01 The southeastern New Hampshire seat is the less Dem friendly of the state's two. Still, the state as a whole is closely divided and is the only state to flip from Bush in 2000 to Kerry in '04. The district has a partisan score of 49.3% Dem. The representative in the First CD is Jeb Bradley, who looks like a moderate but votes like a GOP drone. He succeeded John Sununu when the latter was elected to the Senate in 2002, winning 60-40. His win in '04 was with 63%. This is the type of district, though, that we can win in a wave.

New Hampshire 02 This district is slightly more Democratic than the 1st. Its partisan score is 52.8% Dem. It is Represented by Charles Bass, who ousted Dem Dick Swett in the 1994 landslide and has held the seat since, with a few close calls. He won with 58% in 2002 and 60% in 2004. Like the previous two, this district is one that can easily swing our way with a wind at our backs.

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Posted by jackhodgson at December 29, 2005 08:32 AM