January 10, 2006

Intel Macs announced in Macworld Keynote

No Intel MacMini, no plasma screen. But nevertheless, an impressive kickoff to the Intel era for Apple

First let me say that eobanb of applexnet.com/, and his crew, did an AWESOME job of providing a nearly word-for-word, real-time transcript of the keynote. Huge thanks.

And MacRumors provided a very good backup feed of the highpoints. Good job there too.

I saved both the Apple-x and MacRumors transcripts. If they post pointers to them I'll add them here. Otherwise I may post my copies later.

I'm expecting the Apple video version to be available in the next couple hours. Perhaps via iTunes.

Here are some notes I took during the session. Just my train of thought, and some things that seemed notable to me.


more/new widgets

aperture update, brief

iphoto update
    more pics capacity
    better editing
    more books (for printing)
        [will canibalize some of flickr?]

imovie improvements

    for making podcasts

iweb [NEW!]
    easy to make websites
    long demo
    very integrated with other iLife apps

1 million .mac subs now

Intel guy in a "space suit" ???

imac with intel -- "iMac Core Duo"
    "2 to 3 times faster than the imac G5"
    dual-core processor
    "each of the two cores is faster than the G5"
    1.83 gig dual core
        only 1.83?

OS 10.4.4 and ilife already "universal"
    pro apps by march

most developers now working on making things universal
    until then there's rosetta

microsoft rep says they're working on making office universal

Steve: 'and so, while the performance of photoshop is not going to be strong enough for total pros... its fast enough for most of us that use it occasionally.'

mac book pro [laptop]
    dual core
    built in i sight
    "5 times faster"

one chatroom member: "they can't use 'power' any more"

some sort of magnetically attached power supply

within minutes there was a wikipedia entry

Finish: Shows pic of Jobs and Woz. will be 30 years in 4-1-2006.

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