February 10, 2006

Survivor: Exile Island -- Episode #2

Another good ep. I'm enjoying this season already.

Possible spoilers ahead...

So Shane is having second thoughts. Lame.

4 to 2 merge. Faster that I expected. New tribe members below.

Bruce is actually happy to be exiled!

Remaining Tribes La Mina, older men, and Casaya, older women.

The older women are feeling invaded, especially Cirie and Melinda. Although Ruth Marie, the other remaining "older woman" is flying below the radar.

Shane forms a four-person alliance with Aras, Courtney, and Danielle

Terry, Dan, Nick and someone ("fox"?) also form a 4-person alliance.

On Exile Island, Mr Miyagi is getting into it. Doing the martial arts thing. Odd.

Did he really use up the flint? Can that happen? Also, they didn't show him searching for the idol. Did he find it?

You just knew that someone was gonna lose the spear. Once again I say, have none of these people ever watched Survivor before?

What's with Shane saying they are "physically wrecked" is it a ploy to appear weak?

La Mina wins immunity. They also won Reward.

Shane now wants to quit. Cirie says, "Let him quit!"

"Wait. Never mind. Now I want to stay. I was just a little thirsty."

What's with Aris suddenly "taking charge" and deciding it's either Cirie or Melinda who's gonna go?

At TC, Shane continues with his "we're wrecked" thing. Is he talking way too much?

Melinda voted off.

Bruce joins Casaya. Note that he is nearly twice as old as almost everyone else in that tribe. Another thing, Bruce, the oldest is a karate instructor, and Aras, the youngest, is a Yoga instructor. Could this make for a bond between them?


Casaya "Older Women"
Bruce, Karate & Art Teacher, 58 (was La Mina)
Cirie, Nurse, 35 (was Casaya)
Bobby, Attorney, 32 (was Viveros)
Courtney, Performance Artist, 31 (was Bayoneta)
Shane, Entertainment Marketing, 25 (was La Mina)
Danielle, Medical Sales, 24 (was Bayoneta)
Aras, Yoga Instr., 24 (was Viveros)

La Mina "Older Men"
Dan, Astronaut, 52 (was La Mina)
Ruth Marie, Retail Leasing, 48 (was Casaya)
Terry, Airline/Fighter Pilot, 46 (was La Mina)
Sally, Social Worker, 27 (was Bayoneta)
Nick, Financial Sales, 25 (was Viveros)
Austin, Author, 24 (was Viveros)
Misty, Engineer, 24 (was Bayoneta)

Banished to Exile Island
1. Misty
2. Bruce

Voted Off
1. Tina, "Lumber Jill", 45, Casaya tribe
2. Melinda, Singer, 32 (was Casaya) Casaya Tribe

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