March 03, 2006

Survivor: Exile Island -- Episode #5

Bobby saves Bruce, twice.

Possible spoilers ahead...

Sally's feeling pretty good about not getting voted off. Hubris?

Miyake Bruce's Zen Rock Garden.

Aras feels like the grownup in his tribe. And it all annoys him. He want to go to Exile Island for some peace.

Fish Toss Reward.

Bruce can't hack off the head. I wonder how he does breaking bricks?

BTW, dropping the fish in the sand once is a help, I think. The sand makes it less slippery, and easier to catch.

Bobby takes over for Bruce, and is really good at chopping off fish heads. Saves the day for the tribe.

Casaya wins by a nose... by a fish head?

Terry sent to Exile Isl, again.

Casaya camp flooded when they return. They can't start a fire (why not?) so they decide to eat the fish raw. The episode preview showed people getting sick. I wondered if it was because they ate the raw fish.

But no. The ones who got sick are the La Minas who ate the consolation prize beans. Nick and Austin. Too much gas?

Back at Casaya, Bruce and Bobby bond overnite in the crapper with a bottle of wine. They make a pact, "I will never vote you out."

But the next morning the rest of the tribe are annoyed that they drank the last bottle of wine. Courtney gets all over Bobby about this.

Four Coffins Immunity challenge.

Dan bangs his head on the bottom of a boat... Weird puzzle... La Mina finally wins one.

Back at camp Shane realizes that Bobby is a danger, that he will flip when they merge. But Aras talks him out of it.

Shane goes to Bobby, tells him he's in danger, and makes him promise to vote for Bruce. Shane makes Bobby swear on Shane's kid, which is really weird. Shane seems to take this oath very seriously, but why should it mean all that much to Bobby? Bobby is reluctant to swear, but eventually does. They agree.

But back at camp, the women have come to their sense and realize Shane was right, that Bobby should go. But Shane is trapped. He's now promised Bobby he won't vote for him.

Shane is very high maintenance. But I sympathize with him here. He seems to want to be honorable here and he's trapped. It was way stupid to go to Bobby.

Tribal Council.

It's Bruce's first TC!... More lecturing from Aras. How has he lasted this long?... Bobby and Bruce take a beating during the TC discussion.

Shane while voting: "This is a throw away vote. Trying to make my vote go away." Did he vote for Aras?... Yes.

The vote was 3-2-1-1. This was the most fragmented vote in a long, long time.

(Tribe trivia: There is only one of the original Casayas left on the Casaya Tribe.)

Original Tribes Scoreboard
Casaya, Older Women -- 1
La Mina, Older Men -- 4
Bayonetta, Younger Women -- 3
Viveros, Younger Men -- 3


Casaya "Older Women"
Bruce, Karate & Art Teacher, 58 (was La Mina)
Cirie, Nurse, 35 (was Casaya)
Courtney, Performance Artist, 31 (was Bayoneta)
Shane, Entertainment Marketing, 25 (was La Mina)
Danielle, Medical Sales, 24 (was Bayoneta)
Aras, Yoga Instr., 24 (was Viveros)

La Mina "Older Men"
Dan, Astronaut, 52 (was La Mina)
Terry, Airline/Fighter Pilot, 46 (was La Mina)
Sally, Social Worker, 27 (was Bayoneta)
Nick, Financial Sales, 25 (was Viveros)
Austin, Author, 24 (was Viveros)

Won Reward
1. La Mina, Viveros, & Casaya
2. La Mina
3. La Mina
4. Casaya
5. Casaya

Won Immunity
1. La Mina, Viveros, & Bayoneta
2. La Mina
3. Casaya
4. Casaya
5. La Mina

Banished to Exile Island
1. Misty
2. Bruce
3. Bruce
4. Terry*
5. Terry

* Found idol

Voted Off
1. Tina, "Lumber Jill", 45, Casaya Tribe
2. Melinda, Singer, 32, Casaya Tribe (was Casaya)
3. Misty, Engineer, 24, La Mina Tribe (was Bayoneta)
4. Ruth Marie, Retail Leasing, 48, La Mina (was Casaya)
5. Bobby, Attorney, 32, Casaya (was Viveros)

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