March 06, 2006

Oscar buzz

The day-after buzz for the Oscars seems to be focussing on two subjects: The Best Pic upset, and Jon Stewart's performance as host.

I don't see as many movies as in the old days. I haven't seen any of the Best Pic noms.

I know that the "gay cowboy" movie, Brokeback Mountain was supposed to win, and many people are saying that Crash was a good choice too. But here's what I want to know. One report this morning described Brokeback as being about sheep herders. Sheep herders are not "cowboys"! But then I guess that "gay shepherds" doesn't create the kind of buzz they were looking for.

And as for Jon Stewart. I was afraid from the start that he was a bad choice. Stewart is a master of what he does with the Daily Show. But the Oscars are just too "big" for his kind of humor, and persona. I thought he might well fail for the same reason that Letterman failed.

The reviews for Stewart are not as bad as they were for Letterman. But they're not great. Many commentators are savaging him. Even his supporters are describing it as uneven.

It will be interesting to hear his comments when he returns to his regular show. Tonight? Tomorrow for sure.

Posted by jackhodgson at March 6, 2006 10:36 AM