March 20, 2006

Another one bites the dust.

redsoxcirc100The Redsox today traded pitcher Bronson Arroyo to Cincinnati for Outfielder Wily Mo Pena. This reduces the remaining members of the world championship team to 10.

Tim Wakefield (1995)
Trot Nixon (1996)
Jason Varitek (1997)
Manny Ramirez (2001)
David Ortiz (2003)
Mike Timlin (2003)
Curt Schilling (2004)
Lenny DiNardo (2004)
Kevin Youkilis (2004)
Keith Foulke (2004)

(in parens, the year they joined the Redsox)

AP story, via Yahoo!

Posted by jackhodgson at March 20, 2006 03:43 PM