April 22, 2006

My Birthweek: Day Six

I had planned to go out to see fireworks tonight.

There's a funky little traveling carnival in town here this week. Coincidentally, I was down here in Melrose on this weekend last year too, and I was watching TV back then when suddenly I heard fireworks out the window. Last year I had no idea what they were part of. But I craned my neck, looking out the window, wishing I could see them.

This year, I saw the posters for the carnival and fireworks a couple weeks ago. So I was looking forward to going out to see them.

But it rained tonight.

I stopped by there earlier this evening, and was told that the fireworks had been cancelled. So now I needed something else to do with my evening.

I went to Burlington Mall.

Way back when, before moving to California, I used to go to BM often. But I don't think that I've been there now in over 15 years. I learned recently that there was an Apple Store there, so I guess that was one of the things that tipped me over the brink, and drew me there for the evening.

It's odd. Places that you once were very familiar with. But now, years later, I couldn't dredge up the slightest memory of the inside of this Mall. Yet once I was there, every corner I turned would trigger a rush of memories. Old relationships, the stores we'd visit every time, the odd architecture, the glass elevators, the food court. It all cane back to me.

Memory is a weird thing.

Surely this is yet another example of how mundane my life is these days. But I actually enjoyed my visit to Burlington Mall. I must go back again soon.

Posted by jackhodgson at April 22, 2006 10:56 PM