April 30, 2006

Two more West Wing Eps

I hate series finales. I usually don't watch them. But I'll probably watch this one. It will bumm-me-out.

Two things.

First, I really don't like that they killed Leo McGarry. They got about two episodes of sentimentality out of it, and now it's been left behind. I would have much rather had the McGarry character fade into the background as the VP, a fitting end to his career, and to actor John Spencer's legacy.

Second, I don't understand why they are laying the groundwork for all these Santos administration character relationships and storylines. Why aren't they using these final eps to wind down the Bartlet administration. Let us see them wrestling with the final days. Trying to cement the legacy. That would be interesting, and a fitting wrap up for all these characters we've grown to care about.

They now have two more eps to close out the Bartlet administration, AND tie up all these loose ends that are being created. (And the "next week" teaser made that one look like a clip show, so they may have only one more ep to tie things up.)

Is it possible they are setting up for a Movie?

Posted by jackhodgson at April 30, 2006 10:28 PM