May 14, 2006

Survivor: Exile Island -- Episodes #11,12,13

[I haven't watched the finale yet. Here are my catchup postings for the eps up to the finale. I'll be posting on the finale soon.]

Getting to the Final Four... and beyond.

Possible spoilers ahead...

Ep 11: Shane's blackberry... Cirie loses Reward challenge for Shane and Aras... the product placement challenge (to give away the SUV)... Cirie catches a fish... Terry wins indiv immun again, he's the only one to have won it, and he still has the special immunity in his pocket... Cirie looking more like she's controlling the game, she's trying to get courtney voted off... tribal council... bruce appears, looking healthy... the vote is aras 2, danielle 1, courtney 3. courtney voted off... when the second vote for courtney appeared, shane looked surprised. and when she was voted off, he is shocked. he's thinking, "who is really running this game?"

Ep 12: I missed the first 10 mins... Reward Challenge: obstacle course redux... winner gets to assign various visiting-loved-ones rewards... shane given best reward, danielle worst... ciries husband spends nite in camp. he's horrified by the conditions... next day, aras is angry at the choices terry made... standing on a pole collecting water immunity challenge... terry wins again... the politicking seems to be to either send danielle of shane home. danielle knows she's at risk. shane is clueless.... it's shane! cirie is the swing vote, broke the tie... Shane to remaining survivors: "Oh man, I'm gonna have a chocolate ice-cream bar in about one minute!"... Terry salutes Shane as he leaves... VERY INTERESTING that the final four are one each from the original four tribes.

FINAL FOUR: Terry, Cirie, Danielle, Aras.

My final two result predictions:

Terry vs Cirie, Cirie wins
Terry vs Danielle, Terry wins
Terry vs Aras, Terry wins
Cirie vs Danielle, Cirie wins
Cirie vs Aras, Cirie wins
Danielle vs Aras, Aras wins

Cirie wins 3 combinations
Terry wins 2 combinations
Aras wins 1 combination
Dnlle wins 0 combinations

Ep 13: Terry goes off after TC... counting stuff reward... terry and aras tussle during challenge. trash talking... aras wins. terrry complains about the rules... aras takes cirie on reward... terry and danielle to exile island. they agree to go to final two together... cirie makes fire... puzzle immunity... aras wins... terry and aras make nice... firemaking lessons. anticipating a tiebreaker... at TC... it is a tie. Cirie 2, Danielle 2... firemaking tiebreaker... to be continued.

Original Tribes Scoreboard
Casaya, Older Women -- 1
La Mina, Older Men -- 1
Bayonetta, Younger Women -- 1
Viveros, Younger Men -- 1


Terry, Airline/Fighter Pilot, 46 (was La Mina then La Mina)
Cirie, Nurse, 35 (was Casaya then Casaya)
Danielle, Medical Sales, 24 (was Bayoneta then Casaya)
Aras, Yoga Instr., 24 (was Viveros then Casaya)

Won Reward
1. La Mina, Viveros, & Casaya
2. La Mina
3. La Mina
4. Casaya
5. Casaya
6. Casaya, combined reward/immunity
7. -- none --
8. Bruce, Aras & Sally (Cocoanut Boat Challenge)
9. Courtney, Terry, Bruce & Sally (Bungie Cord Flag Grab)
10. Cirie (takes Aras & Danielle) (Know Your Fellow Survivors Quiz)
11. Terry, Danielle, Courtney (Follow the Rope-Line Obstacle Course)
12. Terry (Obstacle Course Redux)
13. Aras (Counting Puzzle)

Won Immunity
1. La Mina, Viveros, & Bayoneta
2. La Mina
3. Casaya
4. Casaya
5. La Mina
6. Casaya, combined reward/immunity
7. Terry
8. Terry (Obstacle Course with Puzzle)
9. Terry (Cheeseburgers or Memory Puzzle)
10. -- none --
11. Terry (Hold Your Weight Endurance)
12. Terry (Balance on a pole, water collecting)
13. Aras

Banished to Exile Island
1. Misty
2. Bruce
3. Bruce
4. Terry (Found Idol)
5. Terry
6. Sally
7. -- none --
8. Austin & Danielle
9. Aras
10. Terry
11. Aras
12. Danielle
13. Terry & Danielle

Voted Off
1. Tina, "Lumber Jill", 45, Casaya Tribe
2. Melinda, Singer, 32, Casaya Tribe (was Casaya)
3. Misty, Engineer, 24, La Mina Tribe (was Bayoneta)
4. Ruth Marie, Retail Leasing, 48, La Mina (was Casaya)
5. Bobby, Attorney, 32, Casaya (was Viveros)
6. Dan, Astronaut, 52 La Mina Tribe (was La Mina)
7. Nick, Financial Sales, 25 La Mina Tribe (was Viveros)
8. Austin, Author, 24 (was Viveros then La Mina) (Jury)
9. Sally, Social Worker, 27 (was Bayoneta then La Mina) (Jury)
10. Bruce, Karate & Art Teacher, 58 (was La Mina then Casaya) (Medical) (Jury)
11. Courtney, Performance Artist, 31 (was Bayoneta then Casaya) (Jury)
12. Shane, Entertainment Marketing, 25 (was La Mina then Casaya) (Jury)
13. tiebreaker Cirie vs Danielle

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