July 26, 2006

Blogging AirVenture: Day 3

I just got rained on for the first time of the week. A brief but heavy rain squall passed through.

My friend Randy pointed out to me a free source of ice cream bars for accredited members of the press. That's me. Bad.

Here's today's ATF column:

Another AirVenture baby, two long-timers from northern Ohio, and Lavern’s wife has a dream

As I walked onto the field this morning, I experienced a classic AirVenture moment.

Overhead, a pair of P-51s were making the right break to Runway 27. A DC-3 was just lifting off at the near end of the runway, and a B-25 was landing at the far end.

In the distance, a half-dozen planes were on downwind to base to final for Runway 18.

Welcome to Oshkosh.

I also wrote a regular feature story today. It's about the builder judging process.

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