August 14, 2006

A big week in Redsox Nation

redsoxcirc100The next eight days.

Tonight we begin a three game series against the current best-team-in-baseball, the Detroit Tigers. A week ago we were pretty much unable to beat the two worst-teams-in-baseball. But no one is thinking about that now.

Then, after an off-day on Thursday, we have what promises to be a mind-altering experience. A four day period when we play the Yankees FIVE TIMES.

All this takes place at Friendly Fenway, where we have a better than average record, so, well, we'll see.

I saw an aerobatic plane once that had this on its side: "Climb in, Buckle up, and Hang on."

Posted by jackhodgson at August 14, 2006 10:38 AM