August 16, 2006


Over on the Babylon5 email list, creator/writer/producer, J Michael Straczynski gives this kinda interesting analysis of the 2008 presidential race:

Going out on a limb in the prediction category...for the Republicans, there's no question they've struck a deal with McCain, given his behavior and toning down of his usual forthrightness, which sadly kind of invalidates him, as far as I'm concerned. It may make him a more viable candidate, but a less viable president, if that parses. Nonetheless, he'll start this thing as a front-runner, and may even make it to the nomination, but honestly I think the nomination is Guiliani's to lose. Maybe we'll see a combination of the two.

(One scenario I keep hearing from insiders is Cheney resigning after the November elections for "health reasons" so they can put either one of those two into the VP slot to position him for 2008. This will in turn give Cheney the freedom to join the Kryptonian Science Council and continue to make clear to all concerned that Krypton's inner core is absolutely rock-solid, regardless of what that nutbar Jor-El says.)

For the Democrats, barring Edwards making one heck of a comeback, I think the nominee is going to end up being somebody we haven't heard much about before, someone who's going to kind of blind-side the media and the beltway the way Clinton kind of came out of nowhere. I think we've seen the same-old-gang one time too many, and none of them have demonstrated any real strength in dealing with things in DC, so someone from the outside will, I think, be very attractive.


Posted by jackhodgson at August 16, 2006 10:08 AM