September 26, 2006

Studio 60 pulls it off!

Third acts are the toughest thing in storytelling.

It takes a lot of talent to create good first and second acts, but it's done all the time. The really hard part is coming up with an ending which lives up to the setup.

Tonight's episode of Studio 60 was terrific. I was lukewarm about last week's first ep, but I figured they had to do a lot of explaining and introducing in the pilot, so let's wait and see. But #2 was definitely an Aaron Sorkin show. The dialogue, the fast pacing, the insider feel. It was great.

But I spent the second half of the show wondering if we were going to get to see this all-important "cold open". Or would they just fade to black and leave its greatness to our imagination.

But they showed us the open, and it was awesome.

More, I want more.

Posted by jackhodgson at September 26, 2006 12:25 AM