October 02, 2006

Mercifully, it's over

redsoxcirc100The Redsox beat the Orioles 9-0 last night, in a five-inning, rain-shortened game, to end the 2006 season.

Like GM Theo said, in the post-game press conference, we knew from the start of the season that it was a team with flaws, where everything had to go right for it to work. And in the first half of the season everything did go right. But then, it didn't.

We were in first place on August first, and then something broke. We'll be discussing for years to come what went wrong, but something did. I heard a stat that we had the worst, or one of the worst, Augusts ever for a team that started the month in first place.

Many people blame it on the pitching, but another thing Theo said last night was that the pitching staff had a better ERA in the last half of the season than in the first. So who knows.

Now we move on to the playoffs and the Series. I'm still trying to decide who I'm rooting for. I'm thinking that I like the Twins in the AL, and in the NL, well I'm trying to decide if it's OK for me to like the Dodgers.

Wait 'til next year.

Posted by jackhodgson at October 2, 2006 07:06 AM