October 10, 2006

Studio 60

I still wouldn't miss an ep., there was a lot of good stuff there, but I'm not totally thrilled with last night's show.

It doesn't seem believable to me that Ricky and Ron would defend the plagiarizing kid so strongly. It's a serious matter. And not an admirable one. People who have reached the level of writing for a show like the fictional Studio 60 know what's OK and what's not. That should have been a firing offense.

And the rest of "the room" would not be all that protective I think, since keeping the identity of the kid secret makes them all look guilty. Every member of the room will be looked at now as, is this the person who did it? It makes them all look bad.

I suspect that the R&R thing was all so Matt could say the line that he now has some respect for them. I think AS is trying to develop that relationship.

Finally, that whole thing about going live during the west coast airing, was a huge disaster. The fact that, in the end, the network owned the joke, and the resulting relief, was unrealistic.

The whole thing was a major embarrassment and CF, and in the real world heads would roll. I think.

Posted by jackhodgson at October 10, 2006 12:31 PM