January 22, 2007

Hello World

I'm still out here in California. Just about to end my extended trip to Macworld Expo. It's been a great two weeks. The internet access has been pretty spotty, but I've had a terrific time touring the area and meeting up with old friends.

On Sunday I spent the middle of the day visiting some of my old haunts in Palo Alto. I had breakfast at the Peninsula Creamery (it really is as good as I remember, and thank you to Maureen for such a wonderful welcome back), walked up University Ave (stopping into my favorite Borders Books in America, and also paying respects to my home of seven years on Waverley Street), I went to Fry's Electronics (where I did a major geek-out, walking up and down every aisle in the place), and finally making a quick visit to Palo Alto Airport (sitting for a few minutes on the bench beside the runway, watching take-offs and landings, and admiring the stunning east bay hills). The whole area is just a nice as I remember.

Thanks to my friend Rick F, who drove me around to all these places, and who insists that he enjoyed it too.

Posted by jackhodgson at January 22, 2007 04:41 PM