March 27, 2007


Yesterday I busted out of the online poker tournament I was playing in.

This is the 16th edition of the more-or-less-annual World Rec dot Gambling Poker Tournament (WRGPT16).

Number 16 began back in October with 1,314 players. My goal was to finish in the top 100 this time. And I was on the verge of making it.

A couple hands back, a week ago, I was dealt a pair of Aces, and had no choice but to roll the dice and go all-in. It worked that time.

But yesterday, my As-Ks (Ace spades-King spades), felt much less secure.

The flop was Jc 8d Ah. So I had a pair of Aces, but the flush is dead.

At this point it's just me and another guy. Me with very few chips. Him with A LOT OF THEM.

He bet to force me to go all-in. If I had folded I would have been left with almost nothing. My cards were weak, but possible (I thought), so I went for it.

Now I was all-in, so the betting was done.

I flipped my A-K, he showed 10-10. I'm winning, my Aces against his 10s. But there are two cards to go.

The Turn is Qc (Jc 8d Ah Qc). I'm still winning. But do you see what's happening?

The River is 9d (Jc 8d Ah Qc 9d). He has a straight! I'm busted.

My goal had been to finish better than #100. I ended up at #147. Not so bad I guess.

147 e12 26 Mar 2007 As Ks Jack Hodgson

Maybe next year.

Posted by jackhodgson at March 27, 2007 08:34 AM