May 17, 2007

You don't want to do that

Yesterday afternoon I suffered that computer-user right-of-passage: My primary hard disk died.

No warning, the apps just froze up, and when I rebooted, I got what I now know to be the unambiguous, flashing-question-mark icon. When I described this to the Apple Store support guy, he immediately said, you have a recent backup right?

Umm no. No really recent backup. I mean hey, it's only a 6 month old drive.

OK, my bad.

There's a gnawing ache in my gut when I think about some of the things on that drive, but it's slowly going away.

The good news is that the machine is still under warranty, so Apple will replace the drive, no charge. But before I take them up on this I'm exploring data recovery options.

So, do like I say, not like I do. Make regular backups. I'm gonna start now.

Posted by jackhodgson at May 17, 2007 11:14 AM