November 02, 2007

TV Stream of Consciousness

My TiVo has been dutifully capturing a bunch of shows since the season started about six weeks ago.

I've finally been trying to catch up on them. I'll spend and entire evening just watching consecutive episodes of a single series.

Private Practice This is the Grey's Anatomy spinoff where McDreamy's ex-wife, Addison, runs away to LA to become part of a progressive medical practice made up of six doctors all with different specialties. Angst and romance ensues.

First of all let's make no mistake, Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) is a real babe.

I really liked the embedded pilot that they did as part of Grey's last season, and I'm also liking the real thing. It's basically "Friends" as a one hour doctor show.

All kidding aside, I really like the "family" feeling of the people who work in this practice. They have lunch together, snacks, gossip, flirt, help and annoy each other. I want some of that.

I've also caught up on the mother-ship, Grey's Anatomy. Much heavier than PP. But excellent.

I've always had trouble sympathizing with Callie. I definitely sympathize with McDreamy's frustration with Meredith. And Meredeth is really being a bitch to her discovered sister Lexy, though that seems to be improving.

And in spite of what Heather says, I think Alex is an asshole. He outed George as a repeat intern (art imitating life?), and he's really rough on Izzie for being with George.

Heroes is pretty intense. It's such a continuing story it's hard to comment on it only part-way through the season. Hiro in ancient Japan is interesting. I still think that Hiro will end up being the legendary samurai that he's always admired.

The rest is good too, but I'm still trying to get a handle on it.

Sitcoms. I love 'Til Death, and the new Big Bang Theory. I've stopped recording Two and a Half Men so I can record something else instead. I'll catch up on it later in the season. How I Met Your Mother and 30 Rock are still terrific.

I recorded a few eps of Back to You, the new Frasier series. It just wasn't working for me. I took it off my season pass list, and deleted a bunch of eps unwatched.

The jury's still out on Super-rich dramadies Big Shots and Dirty Sexy Money.

Posted by jackhodgson at November 2, 2007 08:26 PM