November 17, 2007

Basic Cable is lame.

I changed the cable from *everything* to *basic cable*.

They kept telling me that that would mean I would only get channels 2-22.

I've been using a TV that was direct connected to the cable for years now, and it always seemed to me that direct connecting was the same as "basic cable".

But while I wasn't looking, the cable guy came and did some magic on the pole, and now I no longer get Comedy Central (ch61), TNT (ch33), Discovery (ch39), or Comcast Sport (Celtics) (ch52), and many others.

I can tolerate these losses for the most part. Some of the missing shows are also available on the net, and the writer's strike has made some of these unneeded for awhile.

Of course, if it were the Redsox season this would all be intolerable, since I'm now not getting NESN (ch51).

It won't last for long. More change is in the offing.

[ Yeah I know. When I was a kid we only got 3 channels of TV. Up-hill, both-ways. ]

Posted by jackhodgson at November 17, 2007 10:09 PM