January 04, 2008

Year 2007 in Blogging

Some have pointed out to me that I don't blog as much as I used to. They're right.

Here are my monthly blog posting numbers for 2007, with 2006 for comparison.

I've enjoyed blogging over the 7+ years that I've been doing it. And although I'm clearly doing it less here in the Etc. blog, you should not think I've really slowed down.

I've been very active creating online content in other places on the net.

* I do a weekly podcast called Uncontrolled Airspace (UCAP).
* I post to the UCAP blog, and its new Forum area.
* I'm very active on Twitter, with over 400 "followers"
* I've been making the occasional posting to my Social Media website voxci

But I admit that my post count here in this blog is down, and over on my tech blog, Techpopuli, it's been zero for months. Having said that, I do miss traditional blogging.

One of my New Years' resolutions is to revive my activity in traditional blogging. So my goal is to raise the 2008 numbers up to at least match 2006.

And, I'd like to revive the tech blog. We'll see.

Posted by jackhodgson at January 4, 2008 11:49 AM