January 08, 2008

NH Primary 2008

I'm mostly concerned with the Democratic side of things.

It seems that we're down to three right now. Clinton, Obama, and Edwards.

I supported Edwards in 2004, all the way through to the nomination. I still think he'd make a good president. But he seems less than inspiring this time around. I'd vote for him in Nov., but probably not today.

Obama seems to be a good man. When he spoke at the convention way back when, I was inspired. And I thought he could be the first really viable black presidential candidate. And he's obviously making great strides in this campaign. But I really can't get past the idea that he's not ready yet. He's not as experienced as I'd like my candidate to be. But I'd vote for him in Nov.

I had serious doubts a year ago, when Hillary Clinton announced, that America was ready to elect a woman president. But her persistence, and the legendary Clinton campaign machine, have shown me that I may have been wrong. I admire her experience. Of any of the candidates she arguably has the only real understanding of what it means to be president. This may sound weird, but I respect how she served our country by being first lady for 8 years. Although she was not silent, she largely constrained her ability and ambition during that time to fill her role, supporting the president. And during an historic crisis, where she was truly the only really aggrieved party, she refused to fan the flames, and stood beside her wandering husband. She's paid her dues. I'd like to vote for her in November.

Posted by jackhodgson at January 8, 2008 09:25 AM