May 05, 2008

Crazy Fan

Posted by Etc. guest blogger Sherman

Yankee fans are crazy. People who live in New Hampshire are crazy. Add the two together and you get deadly crazy.

A 43 year old mother and Yankees fan used her car to kill a 29 year old Red Sox fan who was taunting her with chants of "YANKEES SUCK" after seeing a Yankees sticker on her car. Ivonne Hernandez, who lives in Nashua, got angry at Matthew Beaudoin and his friends for taunting her, so she pulled out of her parking spot and drove 200 feet at full acceleration at the group of taunters. Hernandez told police she just wanted to scare them and thought the group would get out of the way of her car. Hernandez admitted to drinking a little prior to the incident. Prosecutors charged her with aggravated drunken driving along with second-degree murder.

Beaudoin and his friends spotted the Yankees bumper sticker on the car and taunted Hernandez when she showed up from whatever bar she had been drinking in. At first, Hernandez and a 21 female friend of Beaudoin got into a tussle and fists were thrown. Hernandez then got into her car and drove it directly into the group.

Authorities were unable to indicate if Beaudoin has any resemblance to Bucky Dent.

NECN story

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