October 29, 2007

Red Sox Win Championship

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October 17, 2007

No messy seeds.

Carve a pumpkin of your own.

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October 15, 2007

It's a fashion statement

I knew I was saving those things for a reason.

George McCracken doesn’t have to wear a tie. A 25-year-old painter in Manhattan who works in store design and display to pay the bills, Mr. McCracken is a member of that lucky group who can wear just about anything they please to work.

But George McCracken does wear a tie. “I don’t ever wear a collared shirt without one,” he said. “It started when I had a job where I had to wear a jacket and tie, but after I left, I started wearing it anyway, out with friends, as an informal thing. It just felt comfortable.”

And Mr. McCracken is not alone.

NYT article.

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October 08, 2007

Hot Dog Math

Can someone explain this so me:

Hot dogs come in packages of 10.

Hot dog rolls come in packages of 8 or 12.


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Email-Free Fridays

This is very tempting.

My question is, does "email-free" mean that you don't check your email -- which only postpones the problem -- or do you reject any email arriving on Friday -- which could lead to some problems from important senders who aren't clued-in.

Overwhelmed by e-mail? Some professionals are fighting back by declaring e-mail-free Fridays — or by deleting their entire in-box.

Today about 150 engineers at chipmaker Intel (INTC) will kick off "Zero E-mail Fridays." E-mail isn't forbidden, but everyone is encouraged to phone or meet face-to-face. The goal is more direct, free-flowing communication and better exchange of ideas, Intel principal engineer Nathan Zeldes says in a company blog post.

OK, I see. Well then it's not exactly "email free" is it.

Nevertheless, a step in a good direction.

ByTheWay, the kids are way ahead on this. They have all turned their backs on email already. But are IM interruptions any better?

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October 02, 2007


Here a good, if jowly, pic of me from last month's Social Media Breakfast.

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